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Program STW Perspectief CARISMA – Annual Meeting

February 14th, 2014

by admin_carisma

CARISMA: Cardiovascular Risk Management

February 24th  2014,
Onderwijsruimte OWR-39,
Erasmus MC Rotterdam

13.00 pm Opening
JHC Reiber, LUMC, Chair Program Committee
13.05 Fusion of imaging parameters for prediction of plaque rupture in human coronary arteries

Contribution Industrial Partner
(Project leader: FJH Gijsen, ErasmusMC)

13.20 IBISSA: Image based wall shear stress measurement in complex flow geometries

Contribution Industrial Partner
(Project leader: AJ Nederveen, AMC)

13.35 A pre-interventional neurovascular analysis system based on MRA or CTA data sets

Contribution Industrial Partner
(Project leader: BPF Lelieveldt, LUMC)

13.50 Hyperthermia treatment planning for head and neck cancer: improving patient models using advanced MRI characteristics

Contribution Industrial Partner
(Project leader: MM Paulides, ErasmusMC)

14.05 CHARIGMA: Characterisation of wall properties for image guided management of atrial fibrillation

Contribution Industrial Partner
(Project leader: HC van Assen, TU/e)

14.20 Discussion and conclusions
14.30 Coffee break
15.00 Development of image analysis techniques for time-resolved 3-dimensional, 3-directional MR velocity mapping

Contribution Industrial Partner
(Project leader: RJ van der Geest, LUMC)

15.15 High-definition atlas-based surgical planning for pelvic surgery

Contribution Industrial Partner
(Project leader: A Villanova, TUD)

15.30 PLAQMR: Automated carotid plaque analysis from quantitative MR imaging

Contribution Industrial Partner
(Project leader: AJ Nederveen / S Klein, AMC/ErasmusMC)

15.45 AIRSPACE: Advanced imaging for risk stratification of stroke patients using CT examinations

Contribution Industrial Partner
(Project leader: HWAM de Jong, UMCU)

16.00 PAPAVER: Progression in image analysis for percutaneous aortic valve replacement

Contribution Industrial Partner
(Project leader: HA Marquering, HC van Assen, AMC / TU/e)

16.15 Discussion and conclusions
16.30 Drinks

On behalf of Program Committee:

  • Hans Reiber
  • Max Viergever
  • Wiro Niessen
  • Wim Mali
  • Bob Goedhart

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Projects granted

December 23rd, 2010

by admin_carisma

*** Nieuwe honoreringen binnen het Perspectiefprogramma CARISMA ***

11626 Ir. R.J. van der Geest(LUMC), B.P.F. Lelieveldt(LUMC); Development of Image Analysis Techniques for Time-Resolved 3-Dimensional, 3-Directional MR Velocity Mapping
11629 Dr. A.J. Nederveen (AMC), J.J. Wentzel (Erasmus MC), dr. H.A. Marquering (AMC); Image based wall shear stress measurement in complex flow geometries
11630 Dr. H.A. Marquering (AMC), H.C. van Assen (TU/e); PAPAVER: Progression in Image Analysis for Percutaneous Aortic Valve Replacement
11631 Dr. A.J. Nederveen(AMC), dr. H.A. Marquering (AMC), ir.

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