Annual 2013

CARISMA: Cardiovascular Risk Management


Utrecht, February 26th 2013
Van Peperzeelzaal, UMC Utrecht

9.00 am Coffee, tea
9.30 am Opening
JHC Reiber, LUMC, Chair Program Committee
9.35 am Valerio Fortunati: Hyperthermia treatment planning for head
and neck cancer: improving patient models using advanced MRI characteristics
(Project leader: MM Paulides, ErasmusMC)
9.50 am Hugo de Jong: AIRSPACE: Advanced imaging for risk
stratification of stroke patients using CT examinations
(Project leader: HWAM de Jong, UMCU)
10.05 am Ahmed AlAgamy: CHARIGMA: Characterisation of wall
properties for image guided management of atrial fibrillation
(Project leader: HC van Assen, TU/e)
10.20 am Noeska Smit and Annelot Kraima: High-definition atlas-based
surgical planning for pelvic surgery
(Project leader: CP Botha, TUD)
10.35 am Henk Marquering: PAPAVER: Progression in image analysis for
percutaneous aortic valve replacement
(Project leader: HA Marquering, HC van Assen, AMC / TU/e)
10.50 am Discussion and conclusions
11.00 am Coffee break
11.20 am Wouter Potters and Merih Cibis: IBISSA: Image based wall
shear stress measurement in complex flow geometries
(Project leader: AJ Nederveen, AMC)
11.35 am Rob van der Geest: Development of image analysis techniques
for time-resolved 3-dimensional, 3-directional MR velocity mapping
(Project leader: RJ van der Geest, LUMC)
11.50 am Bram Coolen, Henk Smit and Shan Gao: PLAQMR: Automated
carotid plaque analysis from quantitative MR imaging
(Project leader: AJ Nederveen / S Klein, AMC/ErasmusMC)
12.05 pm Jelle Schrauwen: Fusion of imaging parameters for prediction
of plaque rupture in human coronary arteries
(Project leader: FJH Gijsen, ErasmusMC)
12.20 pm Jasper Janssen: A pre-interventional neurovascular analysis
system based on MRA or CTA data sets
(Project leader: JHC Reiber, LUMC)
12.35 pm Discussion and conclusions
12.45 pm Lunch



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